We are a company specialized in repair of damages and faults in the asphalt. With an industry experience of more than 10 years. We work with state-of-the-art technology, which is why our work does not hinder traffic and immediately releases the road.


This cold blend is especially for fault treatment and asphalt damage, whose high performance chemical formulation makes it extremely effective.
Thanks to its quality and technology, it has a high level of adhesion regardless of the climatic conditions of the asphalt where the mixture is applied, keeping its chemical composition intact. It is easy to apply, solves the problem of bumps in a final way in a matter of minutes and does not obstruct vehicular traffic.


It is a top quality asphalt sealant, formulated for superior performance in floor protection. Beautifies and protects the surface, avoiding the appearance of bumps, cracks and debris caused by water wear, UV rays and vehicular traffic.


The MTE-18 is a polymerized asphalt based material designed to seal any crack in asphalt pavement and / or hydraulic concrete joints. The product is designed for hot application with specialized equipment.


Available in colors: white, yellow and red. Highly abrasion resistant paint, cure by solvent evaporation. It is a painting made with chlorinated rubber, it is used to mark traffic zones or preventive in roads, warehouses, factories and in any place where it is necessary to mark, since it has an excellent resistance to the abrasion of the water and abrupt changes of temperature. It has a matte finish.


The Pavement Assessment is a visual inspection. Performed on pavements following the Pavement Condition Index Methodology (PCI) This method is more than 40 years old and was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Visual inspection is performed, formats are filled and photographs are taken to obtain a calculation of the road condition index.



At Asphaltech, we have a team of personnel certified by the International Association of Pavements in Administration and Evaluation of Pavements. Our service consists of evaluating primary and secondary roads in municipalities, private sector, colonies, industrial parks and customer parking lots.

The benefit of performing the pavement evaluation is as follows:
-It can be projected the investment cost per M2 for that road.
– Preventive maintenance programs; They can be established based on the life cycle of the pavement starting from the current state.

-The value of the service or repair process can be projected 15 years from the life cycle of the pavement.
-The having an inventory of the pavement in the roads of a municipality or parking lot. It allows us to know how much to request for recourse for the repairs that are needed.

Types of repairs with our material:
– Surface bumps
– Areas of delimitation
-Blood deep
-Reparations of water bodies
-Repair of gas companies

4 Steps… Goodbye bumps

With the Cold Asphalt Mix of Asphaltech, say goodbye to the annoying bumps.
Here’s how …

Clean the area where you will place the Asphalt Mixture in Cold.

Apply the Cold Asphalt Mix Patchmix over the bump.

Compact, you can use a pizón or let the cars do their part of the job.

In less than five minutes you will have a pothole, perfectly covered.


– There is no one that hot plant did not ignite because the material you have in your yard to be used at all times.
– Reduction of freight of material, 1 freight is reduced, since the aggregate arrives from the mine to your patio and Asphaltech arrives at your patio and executes the production.

– Quality control of production

– Opportunity time the material is stored in the municipality’s courtyard, rain, lightning or in case of inclement weather the material is ready to be used at all times.
– Production scheduling, can be done with just 7 days in advance.


-Water bodies

-Local road junctions

-Contractors repairing water leaks

-Group contractors

-Constructors in general

-All that requires a bit of asphalt to work and does not justify buying a





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